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Gravitate Jeans

Gravitate Jeans, a manufacturer of Patented Motorcycle Jeans for men, women, and plus-size women. The jeans include an innovative, Patented Comfort Panel that provides just enough give to ensure a comfortable fit and flexibility without the pulling and tugging necessary to shift standard jeans back into place.

The Indigo Group updated all of the Branding, Marketing, Sales and Promotional items used to communicate the benefits of the product across all touch points, including an overhaul of the website all new photography (location scouting, model & motorcycle sourcing, image composition and style development), advertising, marketing and trade show collateral. We continue to help build brand awareness and grow market share and support motorcycle event needs.

Do you own a motorcycle of know someone who does? Be sure to check out Gravitate Jeans! www.gravitatejeans.com

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    Gravitate Jeans


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Gravitate Jeans