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Communicate Your Value Proposition Internally and Externally with Marketing Collateral

How well do you know your company’s value proposition? If you’re a top-level executive like a CEO, odds are you know it like the back of your hand — and you expect the rest of your leadership team to know it just as well.

But according to research from a recently published e-book, while 85% of CEOs say their employees can clearly state their company’s value proposition, only a shockingly low 7% of leadership teams can articulate a common value proposition.

If your own team can’t articulate your company’s value proposition, how well can you expect prospective customers to understand it?

Having a Value Proposition Isn’t Enough: Communication is Key

It’s important to note that that statistics above don’t necessarily refer to companies who don’t have a common value proposition, but to those whose value propositions haven’t been effectively communicated internally.

A clear, effective value proposition is absolutely essential for any company’s success, not just in sales and branding, but in creating a cohesive company culture and sense of common purpose.

The latter point isn’t one to take lightly; a 2015 survey of almost 1,500 North American CEOs and CFOs found that “92% said they believed improving their firm’s corporate culture would improve the value of the company,” and over 50% agreed that “corporate culture influences productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.”

So how do you make sure your company culture is where it needs to be, with a strong foundational understanding of your business’s basic value proposition? There are plenty of tactics to take — team building, training sessions, seminars, and the list goes on — but one that definitely shouldn’t be left out is the use of professionally-designed marketing collateral.

How Marketing Collateral Helps to Effectively Communicate Your Value Proposition Internally and Externally

That good marketing collateral like sell sheets, brochures, and promo kits are effective ways to attract and communicate with prospects is no surprise. But the same collateral’s internal value is often overlooked.

Without consistent, well-honed marketing collateral, each member of your sales and marketing teams are left to their own devices to define, articulate, and communicate the value propositions of your products and company as a whole. Not only does this lead to inconsistent sales campaigns, but also to internal disharmony among your staff.

Consider also lessons from the Harvard Business Review:

“Employees need to hear the same messages that you send out to the marketplace. At most companies, however, internal and external communications are often mismatched. This can be very confusing, and it threatens employees’ perceptions of the company’s integrity: They are told one thing by management but observe that a different message is being sent to the public.”

Strong, printed marketing collateral that’s targeted not only at prospects, but employees at well can be a great way to support internal brand messaging.

That’s partly because print media encourages deep reading, even among “digital native” millennials. Pass a sell sheet or sales brochure with an effectively communicated value proposition onto your employees, and odds are they’ll read and digest it carefully.

Of course, creating marketing collateral that communicates effectively with employees and prospects alike is a big job, but the Indigo Group is a boutique branding and marketing agency that’s up to the challenge. With over 30 years of experience in branding, identity development, marketing, communications, direct advertising, and more, The Indigo Group specializes in custom creative approaches designed to deliver specific objective-based results. Get in touch to learn more today.